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For The Booty Remixes feat. DJ Assault, Big Dope P, Bombaman + out today!


For The Booty Remixes’
◆artist◆ Various
◆label◆ Aufect Recordings
◆catalogue no◆ AUFDM009
◆format◆ CD/Digital
◆distribution◆ TW Music Group
◆release date◆ Beatport: Dec. 15, 2011 / Worldwide: Jan. 1, 2012

Aufect Recordings is proud to present its second official release with Canada’s nation-wide Booty crew, The Philthkids. This release, entitled ‘For the Booty Remixes’, features DJ Assault, Bombaman, Big Dope P, Cryogenetic,HXDB and Aufect label honcho, Cure. There’s something for everybody on this ten track EP, from hybrid Juke, to future house, to traditional electro, to Bombhaton (Bombaman’s take on Moombahton!). This release has it all from future sounds to Ghetto-ass bass anthems.
Who are the Philthkids? The Philthkids make Booty music influenced by Future Bass. Building relationships overseas and to the south in the US, they continue turning heads with their unique take on Juke music. Recently they’ve sparked the interest of Chicago’s own Ghettophiles label, while solidifying a release with France’s MovelTraxx. For the Booty Remixes is a testament to the Philthkids efforts with their like-minded associates.
Booty. Bass. Juke. Genre Crossing…
is what you get with this varied release. When we get to the bottom of things (pun intended) a typical Philthkids release is about ass, boobies and oral fixations. With this project, the tracks have more depth. Big Dope P’s contribution on this EP is Booty charged with a funky twist. Produced on his MPC, the listener will experience something similar to being boxed in the face over and over again… in a good way. Another tune to pay attention to is by the undisputed king of booty himself, DJ Assault. His bestowal to this project is only outmatched by his love for fresh fruit and tabby cats; we go back in time to the era of Detroit Techno, 303’s and Jesse the Body. You can also expect to hear a classy DJ Assault hook, stamped sealed and delivered by the Street Narrator himself.
1. Big Dope P – Promoters Suck Dick remix
2. DJ Assault – Promoters Suck Dick remix
3. Cryogenetic – Promoters Suck Dick remix
4. HxdB & Cure – For The Booty Remix
5. Bombaman – For The Booty Remix
6. Bassmynt – For The Booty Remix
7. Self Evident – Promoters Suck Booty
8. Frank Grimes – For The Booty Remix
9. Pucacoste – Promoters Suck Dick remix
10. Longwalkshortdock – For The Booty Remix

Patrik Cure | [email protected]


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